Wednesday, December 7, 2016

passion into ability to be 100

one hundred percent of the time the sun sweats, beams, lets go, gives a little bit of itself, shoots rays of Light...

one hundred percent of the time, the moon revolves around the earth, is available to reflect or conceal the light of the sun, spins within a given proximity to the earth.

one hundred percent...

nature is one hundred.

for us, for me, this is at once stunning and yet, if i were to apply this surrender to myself, terrifyingly monotonous. yet, each of these, have been objects of reverence for cultures across the globe, over time, and each of these are in complete Surrender, without a second of deviation.

 this, herein, lies the teachings of the prophet of Surrender (muhammad s.a.w) to the Source of Peace (islam). that, if the 1 trillion ton earth, and planets 1000 times the earths dimensions, and stars megawatta of light so bright, so scorched that immediate dissolution - if these bodies, beings, harbingers of life can be in complete surrender, and are, then take heed. learn from their lessons.

what are the lessons? to be in a state of worship. in being so, to be in utter humility. in being so, to be completely open. in being so, to lose self. the lesson is in this worship, to focus. to focus completely in devotion, with holistic dedication. maintain this focus, by getting deeper, going deeper. growing deeper and deeper.

the lesson, then is to Surrender to the path like a cobbler, a shawl-maker, a rickshawallah, a barber, a coffeemaker, a tea-maker, a writer, a philosopher, a farmer, an herbalist. Surrender. stay focused on what you Love, and Surrender to it. 100.

what do i love? in you, when i see, meet you, i love humility. i loved running into my amma in the train today, me coming from the south bronx, her coming from downtown, from the dental clinic that students learn in by working on those of us whose insurance says no to all else. my amma with her smile like a sun held lovingly by stratospheres. my mom, whose newly cleaned teeth glistened moon and reflected in me cheshire. my mom, always wide-eyed and humble and vibrant, and positive - humility. all praise is due. bow down to you amma.

i love kicking it, having a stomping ground to kick it, a community meeting point where we have no appointments to meet, but will run into each other, because it is here, and regardless of your schedule and my schedule, and us both attempting to make appointments to hang, but time conflicting, we run into each other all the time, have coffee and talk about the weather in mars. this of course, if i were to be meta-cognitive, stems from ancestry, from generations of being of village, of a place called home, and your friends, family, community, are all within blocks of you.

i love looking forward to days off from a challenging job, to unwind, and chill at the cafe and feel no strings pulling me.

i love bowing my head, touching ground, and giving thanks for the engulfing peace i feel at letting go of all notions of knowing anything.

i love teas - green, mint, woody...

i love doing meaningful bodywork and treatments on others, not because they paid and it will feel good for them, but because we are both in deeper dialogue and trust in transforming hurt. i love being able to support others in their transformation, as it is also mine, as them getting deeper with their pain, and growing from it is me getting deeper with mine, and growing.

i love writing. endlessly, and painting worlds, and expressing science fiction present world dialectics. words meaningless and absorbed in black light.

i love food, being healthy, eating healthy. healthy being what's aligned with the sun and the moon. healthy being what's aligned with those picking plums and peas being happy about it, and living well off it. healthy being feeling good in my body and soul.

i love being local. chilling where i'm at.

so how what can i be the best at so i can be of service? what can i do to make this a complete meditation.