Saturday, October 8, 2016

choose the steeper road

in the name of ALLAH, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

shhhh....the party is happening. upstairs. lines form. dissolve. some bring 6, 12 packs, some bring mixers and bottles. some bring bags of dirty grass. some leave, stumble, confess, communion, vomit. daylight. hallows eve. thanksgiving eve. christmas eve. new years eve. 2012 13 14 15 16 117 119...

2222. the number 8. below ground where my flesh are roots of a bristle cone pine tree. plaid shirts and pumas missed me this year. flesh and bones missed me. beamers and infinities neither a memory nor a thought.

dissolved of uniform, i am naked in truth - sun, moon, and planets.

a wish. make a wish with prayer. i pray that you are clear in your Truth. i pray that you actualize this purpose. i pray that we meet where you do. i pray that the struggle you endure only deepens your belief.

ALLAH reminds us in the the surah of "the city", that the path of truth is steep, and requires work, struggle, and you will know you are on it when others are freer because of it, when others are Closer because of it. the easy road lies before us. it's an option. but what is most difficult?

what choice if you make will place you at great risk, will render your security unstable, but will grow you in a way that will cause Truth to shine?

for me? the steep path would be practicing this medicine. would be practicing this medicine so that the spirituality of it is transparent, and draws others Closer, draws us into community. real community.